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Ionic depends on the hardware acceleration for providing the result extensively, especially GPU acceleration for doing all the CSS transitions and animations. You have just created an Android app with JavaScript without using any of the native Android development tools. javascript mobile development Follow along with the steps below to set up a new Ionic project and build the Android app’s code. To build this app using the Ionic framework, you need to set up some tooling. So how about building an Android app that lets you instantly generate a QR code from an URL.

javascript mobile development

You can search the RapidAPI catalog to choose one among the many QR code generation APIs. Now launch the AVD manager from the top toolbar, and you will see the list of available virtual devices. Call that wraps the HTTP GET method for involving the QRickit API. The API response is returned as a blob, which is the base64 image data. The only interaction point for this app is the button press to invoke the QRcikit API and display the generated QR code. You can overwrite the default content generated as part of the project creation. It displays a text box to accept the domain name and a submit button to trigger QRickit API call.


One of the major limitations of NativeScript is its instability that accompanies frequent updates. Also, the documentation isn’t up to the mark, especially if compared to other cross-platform JavaScript mobile frameworks. Meteor’s advantages go far beyond its robustness and full-stack capabilities. It is easy to learn, is incredibly responsive in nature, and is highly focused on user experience. Furthermore, Meteor allows code reuse and has a powerful CLI that empowers its environment. Node.JS has some cons as well, and they can create some serious issues.

Native apps are created for specific operating systems – either iOS or Android.Due to their specialised designs, native apps load pages more quickly and dependably. But specific JavaScript frameworks available today may transform native programs into cross-platform mobile apps utilising a variety of code languages. React is the most famous JavaScript framework since Facebook launched it in 2003. The potential to use it for native development is among the critical benefits of React. A broad community, Facebook support, saturated environments, improved efficiency, and reusable components are the key reasons for React’s success. React.js is ideal for building cross-platform or SPA applications and designing mobile applications.

JavaScript is used to create such rich applications, which differ from traditional web applications by having the ability to render animated graphics and complex user interfaces. It brings interactive, descriptive, and powerful HTML-based capabilities, including rich widgets like maps, spreadsheets, and media players to mobile apps. The mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone are coded using different programming languages. An iOS app uses Objective-C, an Android app is coded with Java or Kotlin, while a Windows Phone application uses .NET technology. Another leading open-source front-end development JavaScript framework is Vue.JS.

Therefore, it creates a win-win situation for everyone, developers and businesses alike. Developers may not be able to achieve the same performance compared to native code. Not all frameworks have the same capability and can hamper the quality of the features of your app.

Sencha Touch

If the app or website you’re developing has a lot of layers, it’s a good idea to invest in a huge JavaScript Framework. If you’re designing a simpler system, smaller App Development JavaScript frameworks like Vue and React are a good choice. Everything is available through applications, and they are integrated into our daily lives.

Below the button is a display area that shows the generated QR code. On the terminal, create a new project folder and then, while inside the folder, create a new Ionic project using the Ionic CLI. Android Studio version 3.0 or above, installed on your development computer. If you are using Angular as the base framework, then making an API call is easy.

javascript mobile development

With this account, you get a universal API Key to access all APIs hosted in RapidAPI. Like you use HTML tags to build the browser UI, Ionic offers high-level custom tags to build the app’s UI elements. Developers can easily develop applications compatible with Android, iOS, etc. When compared to other frameworks, jQuery Mobile comes number one in the list when you have to develop an app that loads faster.

Its plug n play components, native-like experience for hybrid mobile apps, directives are some of the key elements that make AngularJS one of the preferred mobile app development framework. Introduced by Facebook in 2015, React Native is an open-source framework for building cross-platform native apps. Using React and Javascript as programming languages, developers can build mobile apps, indistinguishable from native apps built using Objective-C, Swift, or Java. It is very important to understand the differences between mobile web, hybrid mobile, and native mobile applications. Mobile web application can be accessed using the web browser and are designed to be responsive.

React Native vs. Xamarin

But let’s take a quick step aside and see what can be created with it overall. Without JavaScript, websites could not be built, it continues growing up in the direction of mobile app development. Hybrid mobile apps are created to operate on various operating systems that are compatible with them and are frequently slower and less dependable than native apps.

javascript mobile development

Web developers can use their existing web skills to develop native mobile apps. The Uber app needs a rapid and scalable technological solution to manage a massive volume of queries. Uber created its native app for iOS and Android, taking advantage of the mobile-optimized environments, user interface and dispatching. Due to the constant influx of requests, the Uber app must contain enormous amounts of data in real-time. It must move as quickly as possible while tracking locations, handling appeals, and processing payments.

Front-end development tools

With NativeScript, developers can take advantage of existing plugins from npm, CocoaPods , Gradle , along with hundreds of NativeScript plugins. MagicFuse is a product development and consulting company, focused on the technical side of Salesforce. IT recruitment agency connecting best tech talents with businesses around the world. Provides several building blocks, including routers, views, and models. We have worked with ValueCoders for more than a year, and their skilled team has allowed us to scale up during certain projects thereby allowing our full time team to focus on core platform functionality.

  • Originally developed by Max Lynch, Adam Bradley and Ben Sperry of Drifty Co. in 2013.
  • A major benefit of using PhoneGap is that it can build a single application and distribute it across various mobile operating systems.
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  • Equipped with creative components, the framework is well packed in amazing features & tools.
  • This course is the first in a series that will allow you to expand your skills as an Android developer into the world of cross-platform mobile development.

Some well-known mobile app development company utilizes jQuery, such as Twitter, Uber, AngelList, Hootsuite, and Kickstarter. In today’s fast-paced digital world, mobile app development has become a crucial aspect for businesses to succeed in the market. However, with a variety of platforms available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your project. However, React Native has emerged as a leading choice for app development due to its flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness. However, it is recommended as it speeds up the process of application development and testing.

React.JS, like most other JavaScript web development frameworks, isn’t flawless. Due to the one-way React.JS data flow process, developers have better control over the development process since no element may be updated without a call-back tool. JS also forces JSX, which makes creating code and developing an app step-by-step easier and more convenient. If you want to design and build an app that works on more than one platform, React might be a better choice. React is one of the finest and most effective frameworks for creating front-end apps. JS is a flexible and easy-to-use JavaScript mobile framework that has a lot of benefits and is becoming more popular as a result.


Different types of programming languages are used for mobile code applications specific to different operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. For instance, while Objective C is used to code an iOS app, Windows uses the .NET framework. An Android app, on the other hand, generally uses JavaScript mobile frameworks. In this blog, we will discuss the top 9 JavaScript frameworks for developing mobile app solutions.

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Debugging apps developed in Mobile Angular UI can be a little more difficult as compared to other JavaScript frameworks. Also, the framework requires server-side authentication and authorization to ensure application security. The built-in dependency injection further helps the framework in making the process of application building & evaluation much simpler and effortless. The well-explained frameworks listed above, such as React, Angular, Vue, Node, Sencha Touch, etc., are among the top JS frameworks. The development of websites and web-based apps uses such frameworks. You can also use this framework to make apps for both Android and iOS at the same time, though there are some limitations, like the need for platform support for plugins and styling.

Q.2 What are the Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks?

NativeScript is one of the finest frameworks for developing mobile apps using web technologies. Like React Native it allows developing high-performance mobile apps for both Android and iOS using web technologies. The preferred development environment for Android app is Kotlin or Java, hence there is no direct way of building an Android app using JavaScript.

What is JavaScript Framework?

On both the front-end and back-end, JavaScript is widely used in the development of professional web pages and mobile apps. Declarative programming style, virtual DOM, reusable components to build UI are some of the premium advantages that give this JS framework an edge over hundreds of options out there for building mobile apps. JavaScript frameworks differ in their feature sets, learning curves, and other factors for mobile app development.

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