In 1968, a group of concerned Christians founded Northwestern Ohio Christian Youth Camp. Fergus Lloyd, who served as President of the board for many years, first dreamed of a Christian youth camp, and inspired others to follow this dream. It first met at rented facilities on Lake Erie near Sandusky, Ohio in 1968 and 1969. In 1969, a site of 40 acres located five miles west of Upper Sandusky, Ohio was purchased.

While seeking funds to develop this site, it was decided to rent the fine facilities of Camp Otyokwah near Butler, Ohio. For nine years this arrangement provided a Christian camping environment for an ever-growing number of campers. From 30 campers in 1968, the camp season grew to four or five weeks and over 400 campers.

As the years passed, enthusiasm grew. The Board of Directors continued to move toward the day when the new site near Upper Sandusky would be developed. Day camp was held there in 1977 and 1978. Much prayer and effort was put forth to improve the camping opportunities in this area. These prayers did not go unheeded.

In the spring of 1979, the Board of Directors was given the opportunity to purchase a well-developed campground on the Sandusky River three miles east of McCutchenville, Ohio. At that time this was called Camp Pittenger. It was owned by the Tiffin YMCA, and rented out to the Ohio Easter Seals Society. Without the assurance of funds, the Board moved quickly and purchased this beautiful location trusting that the Lord would provide. The old 40-acre site was quickly sold and its increased value provided the down-payment for the new campsite. We praise God for His ever present help and providence!

With much hard work, the new campsite was made usable for the 1979 session. A wonderful four weeks were enjoyed and the magnificent beech trees, the awesome gorge, the spacious pool, the swinging bridge and the abundant facilities more than offset the minor problems confronted in our first season at what was now the home of NWOCYC.

Shortly after the new campsite was purchased, a ladies auxiliary (LACE) rose to the occasion. Working under the direction of the Camp Board, this enthusiastic group, through several fund raising projects and by hard work, provided valuable assistance in the improvement of the camp. Many individuals have responded with their time and money in response to this new opportunity. Several gospel quartets from the area put on a concert and donated the proceeds to the camp. This spirit of cooperation and sacrifice was blessed by God with a functioning camp serving youth for Christ! The same spirit will keep NWOCYC alive and serving for the generation to come!

By the summer of 1980, Northwestern had grown to one week of day camp for 7 & 8 year olds, plus six weeks of regular camp. In 1990, we were having six sessions of summer camp plus a week of Family camp.

By the summer of 2003, we had grown to seven weeks of camp, two of which were teen weeks, and one that was a pre-teen week, with a total of 700+ campers. Also, during the summer of 2003, we built three new cabins, one boy’s cabin, one girl’s cabin, and a new director’s cabin. In 2004, our amphitheatre was built in the woods along the river, an area previously unused, through the fund raising and building efforts of a few individuals. God continues to shower his abundant grace upon us as we labor for young people in Northwest Ohio.

Currently, the NWOCYC property contains the following: 14 sleeping cabins, a chapel, an amphitheatre, an Olympic sized swimming pool, basketball courts, a fire circle, a recreation field, Sandusky River, a dining hall, a recreation room, a nurses station, a canteen, an arts and crafts building, and housing for directors and cooks.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Camp Address

8877 S Twp. Rd 131
McCutchenville, OH 44844


info@ nwocyc.org

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2905 Starr Ave.
Oregon, OH 43616