What to Expect




If you have not gone to camp before you might wonder what do you do all day. Well here is a brief example of what a day might include:

Bible Classes – Every day has at least 2 Bible classes and normally when you add daily chapel, devos, and fire circle campers will have had 5 opportunities to study the Bible and grow closer to God.

Singing – Singing is an important part of camp and just like Bible classes there are multiple periods of singing and worship throughout the day

Swimming – In the hot summer months we take full advantage of our olympic sized swimming pool. Weather permitting each week utilizes the pool at least once per day. Although frequently weeks will have multiple swimming sessions or water sports.

Outside Entertainment – Singing groups, improv groups, magicians, boomerang throwers, and many others have visited NWOCYC to entertain our campers. We try to bring in a variety of entertainment options so it is difficult to say for certain who will be coming but rest assured that whatever it is will be a lot of fun

Arts and Crafts – It wouldn’t be camp without arts and crafts. Our arts and crafts directors spend months to come up with fun projects that reflect our theme or other spiritual lessons.

Sports/Games – We have a giant sports field that is used daily for kickball, baseball, steal the bacon, water sliding, water wars, and just about any other group game we can thing of. 

Rec Room / Dining Hall – Ping pong, foosball, board games, and card games and canteen are all available for campers to participate in if they prefer indoor activities

Great Food – Each meal is prepared by our amazing cooks. There is always plenty of food and a variety of options. We also work closely with campers and staff to accommodate any special dietary needs/allergies.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Camp Address

8877 S Twp. Rd 131
McCutchenville, OH 44844


info@ nwocyc.org

Mailing Address

2905 Starr Ave.
Oregon, OH 43616